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 As Above, So Below
The images and energies expressed on Earth
are also experienced throughout the Heavens.
By correlating Earthly events and celestial phenomena,
Astrology offers a tool to live
consciously and harmoniously, in loving respect,
for  Father Sky and Mother Earth.
As a teacher and student of astrology, I have spent
most of my life reconciling the duality of
inner and outer, body and spirit
and Above and Below.
I offer a way to assist you on your own path of
peace, harmony and conscious living.


Natal Chart
Personalized, non computerized
complete delineation
planets in signs, houses and aspect
Nodes, Chiron and Lilith

Progressions, Transits, Solar Return


The Astrology of Reincarnation
The Moon's Nodes offer the first clue to life meaning and purpose,
 and is always supported by the rest of the birth chart.

They define the Karmic lessons, the "why" one has chosen to take on in this life. When we look at the Big Picture, by studying the Nodes,
we can learn life’s deeper meaning and realize this present incarnation
is a symbol of one's transition from past to future. 
Offered in this report are dates and, with a birth time, places that point toward past lives and events that have continued to bring forth
opportunities for karmic atonement.
irth date, location and, time are required.

Consists of 8-11 pages


 Based on time and place, a horoscope offers an energetic
blueprint of an event.
It is a diagram of the relationships  between the Sun and Moon and the planets at a particular place and time and reveals your  character,  and influences.  Thus, with free will, we can  be consciously guided by understanding our natural gifts and our opportunities for soul growth.

     Born in Germany, Scorpio Marie Weathers has been studying, practicing and teaching astrology for more than thirty years.  She is affiliated with various schools of astrology, such as the American Federation of Astrologers and the Rosicrucian Fellowship Astrology Course.  She is a level I astrologer with the National Council for Geocosmic Research Professional Astrologer's Alliance, and an active member of Share International Transmission Meditation.  Her specialty is the hand-delineated  natal chart and her influences include Robert Hand, Dane Rudhyar and Liz Greene. Her current interest is providing information of one's past lives. 


 Marie is an on-going instructor at multiple locations in Rhode Island
and southeastern Massachusetts.
She is a Reiki (Usui) Master, Tai Chi instructor and welcomes the opportunity to share her workshops on Sacred Geometry, Labyrinths, Chakra Balancing, Color Therapy, Numerology and Meditation. She also offers a Life Reading, based on the natal chart, the Tarot and I-Ching.

 Marie's philosophy that astrology is an integral part of life was developed in part by raising a Taurus, a Gemini, two Leos and a Virgo. She lives in Bristol, RI with her dog Zeus, a Sagittarius.


Bristol, RI

Blessed Be.



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